Андрей Енев

Andrey Enev, CEO

Hi, my name is Andrey Enev, CEO of SMART MONEY and if you are here you are looking for something. Do you feel that something is wrong with your personal finances? Or are you looking for high returns on your savings from bank deposits where inflation is slowly but surely eating up? You want the money to work for you, not just you?

If you ask yourself these questions, it’s time to find their answers. I will help you in this process. You just have to trust me.

GoSmartMoney.com has over 1000 free articles and guides written by over 50 UK and foreign top experts in various fields of business and finance. Our main goal is to make every material as useful, practical and non-monochrome as possible, and to have the knowledge and principles in it for a long time. Do not expect us to give you ready answers and recommend you specific products. We can only give you the foundation and direction, and leave the decisions and application to you.


Our mission is to help people in the UK raise their financial literacy, manage their money better and smarter, and become richer. We believe that we can achieve this by creating a community of well-prepared independent personal financial advisors who put their clients’ interests first.


Financially literate people make better decisions about their money, spend more wisely and invest more – this is how the people themselves, financial institutions, and the state, because the richer people pay higher taxes. Our goal is to share the knowledge and skills to become the largest provider of educational services in this field in our country.

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